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John V. Gamble Legacy Award

Every year through Mr. Gambles leadership he is honored to present the John V. Gamble Legacy Award to someone who has supported and contributed selflessly to the furtherance of Education.  This years award was presented on August 19, 2017.  Please contact us via email with inquiries.

Young men and women at-risk must be a major priority for society to ensure that they can develop the skills to succeed in a knowledge based economy.   Mr. John V. Gamble works diligently to give back to the community through various projects.  Below are the programs that Mr. Gamble has implemented through PGCEI and his leadership with the Washington, D.C. based Pigskins Club.

Afternoon Leadership Academy for Neighborhood Youth

The Afternoon Leadership Academy is designed to build a bridge to gainful employment by providing the tools, emotional and mental development to make the right choices to have a successful life in America. Having a successful life means acquiring the skills and education to compete for employment in a global economy. Knowledge is the key ingredient to success and the academy will provide the foundation for students to prepare themselves to take advantage of educational opportunities available at school and at the academy. The academy will also provide a safe harbor for program participants after school.  Students can be at ease to study, receive instructions, do homework, acquire computer skills, and relax until it’s time to go home.      Please contact us via email with inquiries.

Annual Trip to Redskins Training Camp

Traditionally held in August, Mr. Gamble and other Pigskins members gather at-risk adolescents and bus them to Richmond VA to spend a full day with members of the Redskins Team!  Transportation, food and supervision are all provided free of charge.     This years trip was held on Monday, August 7. 2017 and parts of the event are expected to be broadcast on live national TV.   Please contact us via email with inquiries.

Community Outreach Programs