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​​Counseling & Educational Institute

About Us 

PGCEI (P&G Counseling and Educational Institute) was organized to provide healing experiences through mental health and community based services. The institute has recruited and contracted with some of the area’s highly trained clinicians to provide counseling services tailored to meet the needs of its clients. The Institute provides comprehensive mental health services by licensed mental health professionals.  The Institute’s definition of comprehensive services include a wide range of unique interventions treating both children and adults.  The goal is to ensure that the mental health services provided, results in clients experiencing the healing required to improve the quality of life they desire.

PGCEI is located at 2218 Rhode Island Avenue, NE in the District of Columbia.  It has operated from this location since 2012.  The Institute is a venture created by the founder and president to provide comprehensive mental health counseling and educational services for the District of Columbia.

The institute provides counseling services to treat existing psychological and behavioral problems, also provides a wellness program to enable clients—especially children and young adults to make appropriate choices to achieve a healthy life style. They learn coping strategies and to master emotional and behavioral problems to achieve marketable skills or a college education.  

Freedom is always defined and even if the personal struggle is rooted in psychological problems, the institute provides a pathway to achieve a productive and quality life.

P&G Counseling and Educational Institute Board of Directors

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
President & CEO

Corporate Secretary
Robert L. McNair

Corporate Treasurer
Della Abercrombie

General Counsel
Albert Wilson, Jr.

Larry A. Frelow, Sr.

Philip L. Johnson